'draw' package
Gnuplot interface


This is a Maxima-Gnuplot interface.

There are three functions to be used at Maxima level: draw2d, draw3d and draw. To read the available documentation about functions, variables and graphic options, type as usual something as ? point_type.

More or less, this package works as follows. Scenes are described in gr2d or gr3d objects, which are then passed to function draw. If more than one scene is described, a multiplot will be generated, as in draw(gr2d(...),gr3d(...)) but if you want only one scene, draw2d(...) and draw3d(...) are equivalent to draw(gr2d(...)) and draw(gr3d(...)), respectively. See examples bellow.

Type ? gr2d and ? gr3d to know available graphic objects in two and three dimensions.

To make use of this package, type

load(draw) $

Graphic objects

Click on the items below to see examples of graphic objects plotted with the VTK libraries.

Programming graphics

The objects listed above are the basic elements to build more complex scenes.

Global options

Global options are those which are related to the whole plot. They can be written anywhere in the scene description.

Local options

Local options are those which affect the appearance of individual graphic objects. They must be declared before the objects in the scene description.

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