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Among other things, this page contains my contributions to the Maxima project, an open source program for mathematics written in Lisp.

My first contribution was the introductory tutorial Primeros pasos en Maxima (pdf), written in Spanish, and the translation of the reference manual (html, pdf).

In addition, I have contributed with some packages: draw, an interface to plotting programs Gnuplot and VTK, descriptive, interpol, distrib and stats.


A personal project is Yamwi, a simple web interface to Maxima based on Linux + Apache + Php. Basically, it calls Maxima in batch mode and then returns all the results together, including graphics. I thank CESGA (Centro de Supercomputación de Galicia) for hosting this project in their servers.


For comments, bugs, suggestions, and the like, feel free to drop me a message:


Mario Rodríguez Riotorto

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